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Jose Miguel Sevilla, curious and consumerist equally, set up Nuovum in 2013 with the objective of creating a space where people with the same lifestyle and vision would be able to find those hard to find pieces.

Nuovum started as a 100% online business but a year later, it has converted into a physical presence with the opening of the first Nuovum Concept Store in Barcelona (Pintor Fortuny 30, 08001) where you can find everything from jewelry and accessories to decorative objects and art.

“Design is a global concept that should be shared”.

In collaboration with its star designers, they have launched “Nuovum Edition” which embodies and reflects at its utmost the core values of the Nuovum brand.

The majority of designers are local but is increasingly extending its reach to designers from the rest of the world.

C. Pintor Fortuny 30
08001 Barcelona
+34 934 126 411
C. de la Bòria 23
08003 Barcelona
+34 933 199 424